Dental Implants Restore Lost Teeth

 Woman waiting for a dental exam Have you lost one or more permanent teeth? If so, you are in good company! Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that 69 percent of Americans over 35 have lost at least one permanent tooth. The standard traditional approach to tooth loss is dental bridgework or dentures, but today there is a better option for restoring missing teeth: dental implants.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Implants are composed of biocompatible titanium bases that are surgically embedded in the jaw. Once the implant heals and becomes permanently fused with the jawbone, a crown or other restoration is attached to replace the missing tooth above the gum line. Unlike other prosthetics, dental implants replace the whole tooth, root to crown.

Some of the benefits of dental implants include:

  • More natural-feeling tooth replacement
  • Better oral health
  • More stable dentures and bridges
  • Permanent replacements for missing teeth

A Versatile Solution to Tooth Loss

 Woman waiting for a dental exam Implants are a great solution to tooth loss because they can be used to restore one or many teeth. A single missing tooth can be replaced with one implant, but implants can also be used to support a tooth bridge, partial dentures, or a full arch denture. If you have dentures or will soon be needing them, you can get a more stable set of dentures with only four implants per arch. Partial dentures can be attached to even fewer implants.

Why Patients Love Their Dental Implants

Patients who’ve had their missing teeth restored with dental implants report more comfortable and lifelike prosthetics. A traditional tooth bridge may look natural in your smile, but it feels different, relies on the support of your adjacent teeth, and is more vulnerable to failure. A single dental implant is a freestanding, fully functional replacement for a lost tooth, and feels just like the original. Most single tooth implant recipients say they can’t even feel a difference!

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Patients with widespread tooth loss love their implant-based prosthetics because they are more stable and dependable than traditional dentures. Implant-based dentures stay in place and allow patients to enjoy a full menu of healthy foods (without having to worry that their teeth are going to come loose and embarrass them). They are more comfortable than traditional dentures, because they don’t put pressure on the gums. This can be a life-changing improvement to one’s ability to enjoy eating and dining in the company of family and friends.

A Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

Perhaps the best benefit of dental implants is the fact that they are a permanent restoration. When implants are properly placed and cared for, they have a 98-99 percent success rate. This means your implant(s) should not need to be replaced, ever. Most implants wind up lasting a lifetime. This is a sharp contrast to traditional prosthetics, which need to be replaced after a certain period of time. Bridgework typically lasts only about 8 years before needing replacement, and dentures often need relining every year!

Dental Implants Preserve Your Oral Health

One of the reasons why Luck dentists prefer dental implants is because they preserve patients’ oral health better than traditional prosthetics. When the roots of a tooth have been lost, this initiates a natural process called jawbone resorption. The body senses that there is no longer a need to support the teeth with healthy bone mass, and sends the bone-supporting minerals to other parts of the body. This process is the reason why many long-term denture wearers often look as though their chin and jaw have been shrunken over time. Because implants replace the roots of your natural teeth, they prevent this process from happening. With dental implants, you never need to worry about losing bone mass or losing your natural facial structure.

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