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Emergency Dentistry in Luck, WI

black and white photo of woman holding cheek with toothacheDon’t Wait to Get the Help You Need

It’s awful to have pain in your mouth of any sort, and that’s worsened when the issue is in your teeth. If you need urgent dental care, Luck Dental Clinic is here to help.

We recommend that you see a dentist as soon as possible if you’re experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Knocked out
  • Broken
  • Nerve damage
  • Restorative dentistry issues (such as fillings)

Fortunately, Dr. Conder and our highly skilled team are here to help you solve your problem. Don’t prolong your pain, call us to make an appointment for emergency dental care.

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Types of Dental Emergencies

Broken Filling

Though fillings can last for anywhere between five to 15 years, they can crack, chip, break, or even fall out without any warning. At Luck Dental Clinic, we can help limit the damage and make sure the surrounding tooth remains in good shape.

Our dentist will carefully examine the condition of the tooth before determining which treatment option is the most suitable. Waiting too long can mean that the tooth is unsalvageable, so don’t delay!

Infected Tooth

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may have an infected tooth.

  • Toothache
  • Swollen jaw
  • Radiating pain near your ear

When your tooth is infected, bacteria enter the pulp chamber of a tooth, or the deepest layer. There are only two treatment options when infection occurs: tooth extraction and root canal treatment.

Common Emergency Dental Treatments

Tooth Extraction

We know that tooth extraction is a scary concept. However, tooth removal is sometimes necessary to preserve your overall oral health. With years of experience in the dental field, Dr. Conder performs this procedure using gentle techniques and provides top-tier, compassionate care for every patient.

Following tooth extraction, patients can expect some degree of tenderness and swelling. These side effects can be eased with over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or acetaminophen. Swelling and inflammation can be reduced with the use of a cold compress, which should be applied to the affected area for 20 minutes.

Root Canal Treatment

One of the most feared phrases when it comes to dentistry is root canal. A common misconception about root canal therapy is that it is painful. On the contrary, the procedure removes the infected nerves, tissue, and blood vessels, taking away the source of infection and discomfort.

At our Luck office, Dr. Conder performs root canal treatment to eliminate infection and preserve the oral health of our patients. If you do end up needing an emergency root canal, we promise you are in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dental Care

Will you accept a same day appointment?

Yes we can! Just give us a call at (715) 472-2211, and we can assist you with any emergency that may arise.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Unfortunately we cannot take walk-in patients. However, if you give us a call we can make an appointment for you as soon as possible in an emergency.

How expensive is emergency dental care?

Prices of competitors for x-rays, tests, and treatments will usually help keep your payment relatively low. We also have options to help cover expenses, even for those without insurance.

Should I make an appointment now?

If you’re unsure about the severity of your issue, there are a few things you can try before seeing us:

Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly to remove any food fragments that may be lodged between them, and rinse with warm water.
If the pain persists, you can try to take an aspirin (note that no painkiller should be placed against the gum directly, as this can cause tissue damage).

Usually however, the pain will continue to return until the underlying issue is dealt with, so we recommend making an appointment as soon as possible when a problem appears.

Call Us if You’re Having a Dental Emergency

Waiting too long when you’re in pain can cause a dental problem to worsen to the point that it cannot be repaired. Please contact us online or call us at (715) 472-2211 to make an appointment.

Call Us at (715) 472-2211 Today!

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