Fear of the Dentist

patient afraid of dentist Dental technology has advanced considerably over the years. It is easier to replace severely damaged teeth, improve their appearance, and fix small damages. However, nothing can be a replacement for healthy natural teeth. To maintain good oral health, you must have great dental hygiene habits and should visit the dentist at least twice a year.

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Unfortunately, many people don’t do this. Some patients neglect dental hygiene and don’t visit the dentist. Some maintain good hygiene and don’t feel the need to visit the dentist. Both of these choices can place your oral health at risk.

At Luck Dental Clinic, we believe that the most common reason why people avoid dentists is fear. In this article, we discuss the reasons behind the fear of dentists and ways to overcome them.

1. Unpleasant Past Experiences

Experienced dentists always work hard to keep their patients comfortable and happy, but it isn’t uncommon for people to have a couple of bad experiences. Things like poor patient handling, a cold personality, poor pain management, etc., can put patients off dental visits entirely.

This problem can be remedied by changing your dentist and choosing a more experienced professional. Find a dentist that has a great reputation and a friendly personality. It is easy to check online reviews or set up a consultation. That will help you make the best decision for your oral health.

2. Fear of Needles

Injections are always unpleasant, but getting them in the mouth or gums can be even more daunting. Any patients avoid dentists because they fear injections and feel like no serious dental treatment can happen without them.

Fortunately, it is easy to get over your fear of needles. Dentists can apply a numbing agent to the site of the injection to reduce the pain significantly. You won’t feel the needle or the following procedure.

3. Fear of Pain

Serious dental procedures like root canals, implants, tooth extraction, etc., can be painful. Many patients avoid dentists to avoid pain, but this is counterproductive. The pain from the procedure is temporary. On the other hand, the pain from a decayed or damaged tooth is permanent until it is fixed.

If you fear pain, you can request sedation and opt for sleep dentistry. If you’re comfortable with sedation, there are different anesthetic options available. The dentist will do the level best to reduce pain and discomfort. They will offer several pain management options and patients can choose one that is most comfortable for them.

4. Discomfort From The Drill

One would hardly call the sensation of the dentist’s drill pleasant. Even with the numbing agent, the pressure and vibrations can cause discomfort. Many patients are also disturbed by the sound of the drill against the dental matter.

You can request a strong numbing agent or an anesthetic to reduce your sensitivity to the vibrations. We also recommend that you bring good quality headphones or earphones to the appointment. You can listen to some loud music to drown out the sound of the drill. If you want to be completely insensitive to the drill, choose sleep dentistry. You won’t even notice the problem.

5. Fear of Numbness

Your month is very sensitive to sensations. It can easily detect the smallest stone or thinnest hair in food. So when the mouth is numb and doesn’t experience any sensation, patients can experience some anxiety. Some fear that they won’t be able to control the movements of their tongue, will choke, or be unable to shallow food.

All of these fears are baseless. The numbing is only temporary and will disappear in a few hours after the treatment. The tongue and mouth will function normally after the numbness wears off.

An experienced and qualified dentist will make sure you have a comfortable experience during the treatment process. They will also take all of the patient’s fears and concerns into account and provide reasonable solutions.

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