Preventive Visits in Luck, WI

Improve Your Oral Health at Luck Dental Clinic

Preventive care visits are the cornerstone of good dentistry and oral health. With routine preventive visits to Luck Dental Clinic, Dr. Clemenson and our team will help you keep your teeth healthy and prevent the need for extensive restorative work. Preventive dentistry treatments let us preserve the health of your teeth so you can keep them healthy in the future.

Discover how our general dentist in Luck, WI helps patients in Milltown, Centuria, and Frederic preserve their beautiful smiles. 

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry services from our Luck dentist can help shield your teeth and gums from complications caused by unhealthy bacteria, poor oral hygiene, and other factors. Regular preventive care also allows our team to better understand your oral health and hygiene. With this information, we’ll work with you to help your smile look and feel its best. 

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Our Preventive Dentistry Services

Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleanings help prevent tooth decay by removing traces of plaque and tartar you can’t remove without dental tools. No matter how well you brush and floss, you may wind up with a few small spots of calcified bacteria on your teeth. If not removed the build-up grows, producing acid as waste, which eats away your teeth and gums. Teeth cleanings from our Luck Dental Clinic hygienists don’t just leave your teeth feeling and looking better but also make them less vulnerable to decay!

Oral Health Exams and Dental Radiography (X-rays)

Dental radiography scans and oral exams help our dentists get a clear picture of what’s happening in your mouth. These diagnostic tools allow Dr. Clemenson to see what’s happening below the gum line and in the jawbone so she can diagnose oral health issues before they become a bigger problem. We’ll check every tooth carefully for signs of damage, decay, and more pressing issues like gum disease and oral cancer. 

Dental Sealants

For patients prone to cavities or tooth decay, dental sealants create a strong barrier between your teeth and cavity-causing bacteria. While typically recommended for children, patients of all ages can benefit from tooth sealants. The sealant material will conceal every groove and ridge of your tooth for ultimate protection.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are a safe and effective way to remineralize the enamel of decayed or worn-down teeth. The strengthened enamel also stands a better chance against future tooth decay. Applied with a swab, tray, or mouthwash, fluoride treatments are an easy way to give your teeth an added boost following a dental cleaning. 

Mouth Guards, Night Guards, and Snore Guards

Protecting your teeth from conditions that damage your teeth’s enamel or overall structure may require a custom-made oral appliance. Our dentist can create customized mouth guards, night guards, and snore guards for patients who:

  • Grind their teeth (bruxism)
  • Play high-contact sports
  • Snore frequently throughout the night
  • Have blocked airways

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Personalized Preventive Care for You and Your Family

You deserve a functional, healthy smile that will serve you without issue. At Luck Dental Clinic, Dr. Clemenson will work with you to shield your oral health from future issues. With our array of preventive dental treatments, rest assured your smile will be protected from plaque and tartar, as well as bad habits like teeth grinding, abnormal tissues, and all the complications they may cause. 

To schedule a preventive dentistry appointment at our Luck, WI dental office, call (715) 472-2211 or fill out our convenient online contact form to request more information. We look forward to seeing you in the office and helping you protect your smile!