Complex Case Consultations in Luck, WI

There could be times when you feel that your dental care needs may be quite complex. We at Luck Dental Clinic can schedule a consultation appointment to discuss what cosmetic or reconstructive treatments might work best for you. We address all your primary concerns and explore a range of treatment options. The objective of this consultation is to discuss your specific needs to help you determine if we can treat your complex dental case.

What Exactly Is A Complex Case?

So exactly how would you determine whether your situation is complex? If your current dentist is referring you to multiple dental specialists and none of them have told you openly and with certainty what treatment would work best in your situation, it’s a complex case.

You can see from their elusive answers that they aren’t really sure of what needs to be done. When you have a large number of mercury fillings, a very bad underbite or overbite, many cracked or missing teeth, you most likely have a very complex dental problem. You may want a perfect set of teeth, but extensive decay might make it difficult to opt for veneers- this too could be considered a complex case.

If you would like more information about our complex case consultation services, schedule a visit with one of our expert doctors. Contact Luck Dental Clinic online or simply call us at (715) 472-2211.

A Holistic Approach To Complex Dental Cases

It isn’t uncommon for dentists to focus either on quadrant dentistry (work done by quarters of your mouth- upper right, lower right, upper left, lower left). Most dentists follow this method because they don’t want you to feel intimidated by an exorbitant price tag. But we adopt a very unique approach to all our cases, more so to complex ones.

We feel that it’s always better to handle all your teeth problems at one time, but in the right sequence. While it may seem like the upfront costs of all these treatments are too high in their entirety, when you are younger and working (most of our patients are), you may just be able to work it out.

If your mouth starts to fall apart after you retire, it may prove to be even more of a challenge to fix these problems. Not only will the problems become aggravated with advancing age, but the costs may be too high for you to manage them comfortably at that stage. This is why, when patients come to us with complex cases, we begin working towards a more holistic solution that will last for the rest of their life.

Expert, Comprehensive Consultation

We at Luck Dental Clinic firmly believe that you shouldn’t wait until you are much older to enjoy a healthy & beautiful smile. The solutions we provide are focused on fixing all your complex dental problems now so that you can enjoy your smile and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

Our dental specialist will conduct a detailed consultation and go through all your older files and test reports. A comprehensive examination and/or diagnostic tests such as x-ray(s) might be required. Because our priority is your long-term, overall dental health, we focus on determining what the underlying issues are and how they could impact the outcome of your dental treatment plan.

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We have nurtured a culture of enthusiasm, and adopt innovative diagnostic techniques in all the complex cases we handle. Our team of dental experts, dental assistants, treatment coordinators, lab technicians, and hygienists work in tandem to ensure the best treatment solutions for the most complex issues.

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