Root Canals: What You Need to Know

Luck patient undergoing root canal treatment A root canal is a treatment used for teeth that have severely infected blood vessels and nerves. An infected root/nerve causes a significant amount of swelling, inflammation, and pain. Leaving it untreated can result in the spread of the infection and permanent damage to the jawbone. We at Luck Dental Clinic provide superior root canal treatments to curb the infection and quickly restore your oral health.

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Facts About Root Canals

During a root canal treatment, all of the infected matter is cleared from the decayed root. The dentist removes the dental pulp, which holds all the connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. Once the infection has been cleared, what is left behind is a clean tooth.

A root canal saves the patient the hassle and expense of getting an implant. Depending on the severity of the decay or infection, a crown may or may not be needed. This procedure may seem intimidating, but it is neither complicated nor painful.

The Root Canal Treatment Process in Detail

Expert and experienced dental professionals will always ensure that their patients have complete information about the treatment they are to undergo. It helps improve their comfort levels when they come in for it.  This is the step-by-step process followed in the root canal treatment:

  • Assessment – Dental specialists handle this endodontic procedure, and the treatment is carried out inside the tooth. Local anesthesia will be administered to eliminate the chances of any discomfort or pain. The dentist will first carefully drill a hole in the affect tooth’s surface and access the pulp inside.
  • Cleaning – This is the next step in the root canal procedure. The dentist will use a series of files to remove the infected connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. They will ensure that no decayed material is left behind inside, and this helps avoid infections. Once the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, it helps prevent any further infections. When the pulp is removed from the tooth, it isn’t at risk of infection or pain in the future.
  • Filling – Once the pulp has been cleaned out, the hollow space left behind has to be filled to prevent the tooth from breaking or cracking. A specialized dental cement will be used to fill in the gap created during the cleaning.
  • Placing the Crown – The dental pulp is what helps to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and strong.  But once the pulp is removed, this does not happen, which is why the filling is placed. A crown or prosthetic tooth will be affixed over the treated tooth, which prevents it from becoming fragile and brittle over time.

More Information About the Root Canal Treatment

Most patients want to know whether they will experience any pain after the treatment. As mentioned earlier, all the blood vessels and nerves are removed during the cleaning stage.  It means there will be no infected tissue and no pain. When you come in for timely treatment of any dental problem, it helps to ensure that the experience is relatively painless.

There could be minor soreness at the site post the treatment which can easily be treated with some OTC medications. The dentist may sometimes prescribe antibiotics to reduce inflammation and infection in the area. Root canal treatment is a straightforward and time-tested method to treat infected teeth.

At Luck Dental Clinic, we assure you of the world-class dental treatment in comfortable and hygienic settings. Our dentist and staff are here to ensure that your root canal and other treatments are carried out expertly, you experience the least amount of discomfort or pain.

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