What Should I Do If My Child Gets A Cavity In A Baby Tooth?

child with toothache because of cavity Teeth are always vulnerable to cavities, regardless of a person’s age. Parents need to keep an eye out for cavities from the moment their kids start teething and consume their first candy. At Luck Dental Clinic, we always encourage parents to take preventative measures to ensure their children don’t get tooth decay, but sometimes it can happen. Here’s a look at what you should do when you spot cavities:

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How Do Cavities Happen?

The tooth decay process starts with bacteria known as mutans streptococcus. They feed on sugar from various food items, including candies, and produce an acid as a byproduct. This acid erodes the dental matter and causes teeth to deteriorate. Bacteria also create plaque, which is a yellowish film that affects the appearance and structural integrity of your teeth. Plaque contains an acid that erodes the enamel as well.

Babies are born without these microbes, and they get these infesctions from their parents by the age of two. You can avoid this infection by making sure you don’t share spoons, cups, forks, or toothbrushes with a child.

What Should I Do When My Child has Cavities?

Experts encourage parents to take their children to the dentist as soon as they start developing teeth. This allows us to keep track of dental development and look out for signs of decay. Here’s what you should do when your child has cavities:

  • Remain Calm – Many parents feel guilty and ashamed or blame their children for cavities. Both of these actions can be harmful as the child may hide their pain to avoid bringing attention to the cavities.
  • Don’t Ignore – A child’s front teeth will last until they’re about six years old while their molars will stick around until they’re 10. Don’t put off treatment because you believe baby teeth will fall off eventually. The infection can transfer to permanent teeth and even cause abscesses.
  • Book a Dentist Appointment – Book an appointment immediately after noticing a cavity. If it is just developing, we might be able to reverse tooth decay with fluoride treatments and other such options. If the decay has penetrated too deep, we might have to add fillers or even extract the teeth.
  • Maintain Proper Dental Hygiene – Take a look at your child’s current dental hygiene. Check how they brush, make sure they floss, and ensure they brush for 30 to 60 seconds every time. Many children get cavities because they haven’t flossed correctly or have skipped the process entirely. Ensure your child flosses correctly every day.

Parents need to take their child’s oral health seriously, even when they have baby teeth. Follow the dentist’s instructions carefully and help your kid learn good dental hygiene habits to keep cavities at bay.

If you want to know more about a child’s dental health or need to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Luck Dental Clinic. You can call 715 472 2211 today or contact us through this form.

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