What’s The Best Toothpaste For My Child?

child brushing teeth Parents need to be vigilant about their child’s oral health. They need to visit a dentist regularly, ensure kids are brushing their teeth properly, and use good dental hygiene products. Choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste can be challenging because there are so many options available in the market today. At Luck Dental Clinic, we’re always willing to answer your questions on different dental hygiene products.

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Factors to Consider While Buying Children’s Toothpaste

While children can use adult toothpaste without experiencing any ill-effects, many parents prefer to get children’s toothpaste. Here are some factors you should consider while selecting pastes for a child:

  • ADA Approval – Make sure the toothpaste has the American Dental Association’s stamp of approval. You should be able to find it on the packaging easily, and the information will also be available online.
  • Presence of Harsh Abrasives – Many kinds of toothpaste have abrasive ingredients in them. These ingredients help whiten the teeth and can be a little too harsh for a child. Make sure the toothpaste doesn’t claim to be whitening before buying it.
  • Fluoride Content – Fluoride is a natural mineral and is often added to toothpaste. This mineral can help reduce tooth decay and maintain dental health. However, it’s not safe to swallow fluoride as that can cause fluorosis. If your children are too young or haven’t learned to spit out the toothpaste, look for fluoride-free options. If they use fluoride toothpaste, make sure they only place a pea-sized amount on the brush.
  • Flavor – Adults like strong mint-flavored toothpaste because they can tolerate the taste and want fresh breath. Children have different priorities, and most dislike the strong taste. Some kids will even avoid brushing their teeth due to this. We encourage parents to find products with appealing flavors to ensure kids don’t develop an aversion to brushing.

Parents need to avoid ingredients like fluoride, SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate, and essential oils. All of these ingredients can harm your child.

Toothpaste for Babies and Toddlers

Children between the ages of 6 and 24 months require special toothpaste because they haven’t learned to spit. They will swallow it and consume all the chemicals present in it. Even safe and seemingly all-natural toothpaste isn’t suitable. Look for products that are specifically developed for babies or ask your dentist for recommendations.

Best Toothpaste for A Child

Almost every toothpaste and childcare brand has a product suitable for kids. Some of the most popular and well-regarded options include:

  • Colgate Children’s 2-in-1
  • Tom’s of Maine Natural Anti-Cavity Toothpaste for Children
  • Organic Mild Fennel Children’s Toothpaste
  • Natural Dentist Toothpaste
  • Weleda Mint Children’s Toothpaste

These options come in delightful flavors and are safe to use. If you’re still uncertain, ask a trusted dentist for advice.

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